a Thank you costs nothing…

As is customary these days, the end to the year “thank you” post.

Of course, this year has been “interesting” for obvious reasons, however for the most part, it’s also been quite similar.


Similar in the way the Indigo team have banded together in unusual circumstances –  and still managed to get the work done (without compromising on quality).  

Similar emotions were shared across the team WhatsApp – new additions to families, sad losses and silly dad jokes.  

And similar forward planning the next year, embracing whatever will be thrown at us next and giving thanks for getting through 2020 relatively unscathed (and fingers crossed that another global pandemic is not on the cards).


Onto the thanks

First of all, thank you to YOU, our loyal followers. I know we haven’t posted much this year– however it has been an interesting year and we will be back posting on social in 2021!

But seriously, we fully appreciate you sticking with us.


Next our clients. In one word: amazing. All of them. Though we were always going to say that, right??


And equally important, our business partners and friends that helped us deliver this year and no doubt for years to come:


David Hall and the Cloudy Group in Buckingham. Fantastic IT team who kept the wheels turning and helped our transition to TEAMs. Shout out’s to Neal and Andy as well.



The team at The PrintShopMK, located in Newport Pagnell. Shout out to Simon Piggott for dealing with our last minute requests.



The amazing Chris Hurley at Vivid Atom. Always great to work with Chris on projects, as he always figures out a solution to any problem.



The jaw-dropping 3D animator, Joel at Angels & Demons. Cant wait to get our teeth into the next 3D project with you Joel!



Our friends and digital developers at Cygnus, who keep the website working. It was a real shame seeing you leave Vega House this year! Shout outs to Stuart, Greg and Anthony.



The team at The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. I know technically it is us that sponsor their events, however Will and the team are always a pleasure to work with. Here’s hoping for a F2F event in 2021.



Our elearning friends at Omniplex. Shout out to Charlotte!



Easy and effortless voiceovers at voiceovers.co.uk – totally recommend. Shout out to the “Natural, twenties sound, ideal for college, youth oriented scripts”, aka Paul Bridge!



Shout out to Peter at Golden Clean MK (sorry Peter, I couldn’t locate your website!)


Shout out to Ishan, Hamish and Beth at MCL Accountants



Shout out to the Payroll staff at Ad Valorem Accountancy.



And a final shout out to the HR team at Crispin Rhodes.



Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2021.

The Indigo Medical Team.


Photo by Isabella and Louisa Fischer on Unsplash


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