mental health matters


This years #mentalhealthawarenessweek focuses on loneliness.

We caught up with some of the team to see how they cope with feelings of loneliness and any tips they wanted to share to help others when they are feeling lonely.

‘Facetime a friend spontaneously to catch up!’

– ‘Speak to loved ones; passed and present, about my day and how I’m feeling’

‘Send a Hi/Good morning message to colleagues over teams when working from home. As a result, the same people will ask me how I am, and all of a sudden, I find the sense of isolation is gone’

‘Arrange a coffee break with a friend to reconnect’

‘Plan activities for weekends when I know I will be alone and feel potentially lonely so I have things to look forward to’

‘Look at photos of friends and family and remind myself that I have support and to reach out when I feel lonely’.

If you know or notice anyone living in loneliness, please let them know that their mental health matters.

Let’s tackle loneliness together.

Say #ivebeenthere


If anything above has resonated with you, please visit the excellent Mental Health website and in particular share their recent YouTube video with anyone that you think might need help and support.

Link to YouTube video: