New Year, New Opportunity!

The fitness industry is founded on the premise of “New Year, New Me”

Go to any gym in January and there are legions of disgruntled “year-round” fit folks complaining about all their machines and lockers being taken up by those who have pledged a new year’s resolution to get active.

And yes, attend the same gym in April and these previously disgruntled folks are now more than happy that “their gym” is back to normal, with all those new year’s pledges having fallen by the wayside, and the gym status quo seemingly returned back to normality.

Of course, anyone can join a gym at any time of the year, however the fitness industry counts on the age-old “New Year, New Me” approach, with great success.

It is estimated that 67% of gym memberships lay dormant without members setting foot in their gym all year round – costing the (non) gym users in the UK an eye-watering total of £558M per year! 

Likewise, any new business opportunity remains out there all year round and doesn’t need to be sought in January. It is perfectly reasonable to pitch in March, arrange a conference in May, launch a PR campaign in September; all can lead to an opportunity that doesn’t need to wait until the new year to be planned. In fact, a large percentage of customers and potential customers will run financial years that begin and end in the middle to the actual year, so to them January is just another month.

A real happy business new year is one that is planned and refined continuously throughout the year, adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

And good news: here at Indigo Medical, our dedicated Account Managers work tirelessly and vigorously with their clients to ensure all projects are met and planned, regardless of the time of year.

If you want to utilise our accounts teams to help plan your workload or offer advice on what engagement activities to prioritise, then get in touch at and a member of the team will contact you immediately.


Photo 1 by Alexandra Tran from Unsplash.

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