baby shower 2023

A few pictures from the team lunch and baby shower activities for our expecting mothers and father

A creative use of pull up banners for the centre piece

Our 2 expectant mothers, Gina and Nitasha plus new father, Jeet

As always, food and snacks made available for the team in the office (that is, after the missing sandwiches were found!). 

Our quiz team for the day: Ruchi and Trea, supported by Alice:

First up, the classic, “labour or lust” visual round

Followed by Beer Belly or Bump

Then the nappy pit-stop in pairs


And finally the “guess-the-flavour-in-the-shape-of-nappy-poo” round

hmmm, appetising!

For once, the results were without controversy. Or maybe everyone is just now resigned to the fact that Tina’s team will “win”?

A final note to say good luck to the families expecting their incoming babies.

We wish everyone the best of luck, health and wellbeing.