#jeansforgenes 2023

The Indigo Medical team were not aware of the charity Jeans for Genes, however a member of the SCIRIS Group – Porterhouse Medical – posted an awareness image on their LinkedIn during the awareness week. Naturally the Indigo team thought “why not”.

A call-to-denim-action email was sent, and the team showed up single, double and one case TRIPLE (!) denim during the monthly lunch meeting.

A more concerted effort to raise both awareness and also funds will be done next year (and a small donation offered to the charity for this year).

If you, like us, were not aware of Jeans for Genes, please take a moment to check out their website: https://www.jeansforgenes.org/who-we-are

A summary statement from the Jeans for Genes Website:

Some genetic conditions are apparent at birth whilst others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, adolescence and sometimes into adulthood, having a profound and lasting impact on individuals and their families.

Our ambition is that every individual, and their families, can access the right support at times when it’s needed most. By taking part in Jeans for Genes week, we can all work together to make this ambition a reality.

As a result of your incredible fundraising, we support and provide vital funding to our charity partners through our grants programmes and aim to ensure that your donations are put to work in this way to have the most effective impact . This is more than just a week as the impact can be felt all year round.

And a lovely video from the Jeans for Genes team: